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Voice over

If you need professional voice overs for narration services: Voices for Websites, Corporate Presentations, E-Learning, Training, Film, Audio Books, and more, Yukiko can provide you with a clear, concise and accurate narration. She can also help bring it to life by adding emotion and expression to fit to your product.

Bilingual Emcee / Show Host


Do you need a professional bilingual/English/Japanese emcee for your upcoming event?  Be it an international ceremony, a formal corporate event, target oriented road show or a fun filled party, Yukiko can cater your event to your specific needs with her hospitality and rich experiences.


Yukiko offers onsite interpreting in a wide range of areas including ceremony speech, lunch meetings, seminars, interviews, and press conferences. She also offers a variety of translation service which includes a transcription of audio/videotapes, ceremony scripts, subtitles and websites.

Voice & Speech Training


Admittedly we are often judged by how we speak.

That’s why it’s crucial that we speak our thoughts in a manner that is easy to understand, and inspires trust and respect in our listeners. Yukiko provides voice and speech training for executives and professionals who want to improve their impact when they speak.

There may be times when you need immediate help, Yukiko can offer Skype and email consultations to solve your voice and speech concerns.

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